Sunday, August 31, 2014

NYX Mini Haul

Lately I have been obsessed with trawling the isles of my local target, I have recently stumbled across some amazing finds to the point where I must admit I have an unhealthy addiction to that of target haha. NYX is such a great quality and affordable brand, it just makes sense to have some of their products in my kit which I have been building upon, more or less lately. Below are some of my favourite tried and tested products of theirs that have become a staple in my daily makeup routine. 


Let's talk about these products in more detail so you can get a feel for how I use them in my routine. 

  • STUDIO PERFECT PHOTO-LOVING PRIMER - Anti-Redness green base 
My history with primers hasn't been so good, I have tried some of the higher ender products like Napoleon Perdis (all three of their primers) and just seemed to break out. I have also had experience with lower end products such as Revlon's primer and still no luck, this would infuriate me when girls would say 'not to prime is a crime' because every time I primed crime city would pop up all over my face. There are three of these products to choose from and I went with the green based anti-redness formula as when I do get small breakouts I want to be able to cover the redness under my foundation instead of applying more coverage to these areas and making the break out worse. I have been using this product for a good month now, once you apply you can't feel the product on your skin it just makes your skin feel super soft and guess what... no break outs!! 

I have been looking for a suitable highlighter for quite some time now, coming with a back up brow pencil was just a bonus (although I'm still using my old faithful anastasia beverly hills pencil). I use the highlighter in the corner of my eye just near the tear duct, on the bottom of the brow bone and under the eye. Sometimes I also find myself using this as a concealer it's great because it doesn't crease. 

I'm nor usually a fan of setting sprays and tend to like a matte look but I love using this because it means I don't have to worry what-so-ever about touch ups throughout the day (low maintenance is what i'm all about). NYX actually recommend this for make up artists working with professional photographers, me well I'm just a make up enthusiast. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on NYX, your favourite and not so favourite products. 

Jacqueline xx 

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