Sunday, August 31, 2014

NYX Mini Haul

Lately I have been obsessed with trawling the isles of my local target, I have recently stumbled across some amazing finds to the point where I must admit I have an unhealthy addiction to that of target haha. NYX is such a great quality and affordable brand, it just makes sense to have some of their products in my kit which I have been building upon, more or less lately. Below are some of my favourite tried and tested products of theirs that have become a staple in my daily makeup routine. 


Let's talk about these products in more detail so you can get a feel for how I use them in my routine. 

  • STUDIO PERFECT PHOTO-LOVING PRIMER - Anti-Redness green base 
My history with primers hasn't been so good, I have tried some of the higher ender products like Napoleon Perdis (all three of their primers) and just seemed to break out. I have also had experience with lower end products such as Revlon's primer and still no luck, this would infuriate me when girls would say 'not to prime is a crime' because every time I primed crime city would pop up all over my face. There are three of these products to choose from and I went with the green based anti-redness formula as when I do get small breakouts I want to be able to cover the redness under my foundation instead of applying more coverage to these areas and making the break out worse. I have been using this product for a good month now, once you apply you can't feel the product on your skin it just makes your skin feel super soft and guess what... no break outs!! 

I have been looking for a suitable highlighter for quite some time now, coming with a back up brow pencil was just a bonus (although I'm still using my old faithful anastasia beverly hills pencil). I use the highlighter in the corner of my eye just near the tear duct, on the bottom of the brow bone and under the eye. Sometimes I also find myself using this as a concealer it's great because it doesn't crease. 

I'm nor usually a fan of setting sprays and tend to like a matte look but I love using this because it means I don't have to worry what-so-ever about touch ups throughout the day (low maintenance is what i'm all about). NYX actually recommend this for make up artists working with professional photographers, me well I'm just a make up enthusiast. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on NYX, your favourite and not so favourite products. 

Jacqueline xx 

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Pretty little loves the weekend is upon us and today we have a haul! Honestly, what could make Friday any better then this? 

The ICONIC is currently having their winter sale with some awesome mark downs, so I thought, why not share! 

I ordered a few pieces and then the following night continued browsing and ordered a few more, haha. I hadn't shopped this site before so wasn't sure what to expect sizing wise but luckily majority of their Zalora and Ezra by Zalora brand pieces are quite true to size. The great thing about this site is that if you order something that doesn't fit they offer returns and exchanges through your online account with them. Postage was super quick and I had my items within 2 business days, definitely stowed this one away for any last minute outfit requirements!

This jacket is perfect for the remainder of winter
and will work nicely for  spring and summer evenings to come
// currently sold out similar here

Flounce Flipsy skirt
 This little number is perfect office attire with some opaque stockings
// shop here

Left: Ezra by Zalora Tulip dress perfect for office to evening with a red lip and black pumps
// shop here
Top Right: Ezra Basics by Zalora versatile black peplum
// shop here
Bottom Right: Ezra by Zalora pleated fit and flare skirt
// currently sold out
Overall I am really happy with my purchases, my items came in beautifully wrapped Zalora bags and The ICONIC sent me some vouchers for their supporting brands. The only small issue I have is that my jacket sleeves are a little too long however I won't return the item instead have the sleeves hemmed (I'm used to this being so tiny, haha).

I hope you guys liked this haul, if so please comment below and I will be sure to post more of these for you. 
Please head on over to my instagram account @jacjoyce_ I will try and do some OOTD's with these pieces for you.

Jacqueline xx 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beauty Blender Dupe

Happy Hump-Day!

Today I am wanting to share with you all my tried, tested and loved beauty blender dupe. During the week I tend to reach for my pot of Revlon Colorstay Whipped however my brush or fingers just weren't cutting the application side of things and I was constantly left feeling like I was wasting way too much product. 

I don't really like the usual sponge application for any foundation however I had heard a lot of hype about the beauty blender from fellow bloggers, but let's be honest is extremely high in price for a sponge. Browsing the isles of my local drug store I came across the Natio Complexion Perfection sponge for a fraction of the price I figured I would give it a whirl as it presents similar shapes on the sponge for blending.

The very tip of the sponge is perfect for getting into tight crevices like under the eyes and around the nose to ensure no creasing occurs. I like to use the slight indent of the middle of the sponge to blend out any lines around my jaw line. I like to wash my sponge after every use to ensure I get the longest possible use and don't apply bacteria and old foundation back to my face. After use I will just pop a bit of my makeup brush cleaner onto the sponge, pop it under warm water and give it a scrub, after i sit it on the bench and it dries out for my next evening or morning use. 

Foundation applied with complexion perfection sponge
 no photo finish primer or powder 
You can pick up one of these sponges at your local price line, giant chemist or discount pharmacy that stocks Natio. You can also purchase online here! 

The speed this little sponge allows me to blend my foundation in and onto my face is an honest life saver of a morning. Let me know if any of you guys have tried this sponge and leave your thoughts below in the comments. 

Jacqueline xx 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Newest Addition

Hi there pretty little loves! 

It's great to be back from our travels and settled back into our little love nest for good as first home owners. Buying a house together was a big step however for a while now we have been contemplating adding one other to our little family. 

Together we umm'ed and ahh'ed about getting a puppy, looking at different breeds and ensuring our yard would be suitable for a dog. Once we investigated we came to the conclusion that realistically it would be unfair to have a puppy and not be able to give it the time and dedication required to extensively train it and ensure it would be taken to puppy school, not to mention all home work completed.

I came across a rabbit breeder in a tiny little town two hours from our house and began my research on the house rabbit society. Some weeks passed by and needless to say I took that road trip out there and picked up our perfect little house bunny Hazelnut, Hazel for short. 

Joey is now outnumbered by girls, yet he is so smitten with little Hazel I doubt that he minds. This little bunny has both of our hearts for now and many more years to come.

Please let me know if any of you guys have a house bunny and share your instagram account, I would love to follow some of Hazel's bunny subbies out there! I look forward to doing some posts for you all on bunny care and training techniques we are trying out at the moment. 

Jacqueline xxx