Saturday, September 6, 2014

Home Decor: Dresser DIY

Hi There! 

Firstly my apologies for being a little bit absent this past week, unfortunately I had emergency surgery to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I have had about a week off work where I have virtually just starved, taken pain killers, iced my face and slept haha. Needless to say I am SO beyond happy to be back writing frequently for you guys. 

Now onto the fun stuff.. today I am beginning the first of a series of home decor posts. Our little love nest is coming along slowly but surely. When we moved in we literally just had our bed, bed side tables and the old dresser we will be talking about today. Living with no furniture was somewhat fun, moving in and eating our dinners on a picnic blanket in the living room was a memory we will never forget. 

A little story behind the furniture piece - Joe bought this dresser years ago, it actually matches the rest of his bedroom set which we will eventually move into the spare room and be revamped. This piece was actually my VERY FIRST paint job! Pre redo this was a very dark wood. Needless to say this job cost me $100 and a quiet weekend in. 

My Tips for Painting Furniture Like a Pro

  • Sand your furniture piece by hand.
  • Do not get too sand happy!
  • Once sanding is complete wipe excess with a damp cloth then dry with paper towel.
  • Prime your surface with your choice of primer using a paint brush. 
  • Ensure your primer coat is not thick! This just needs to be a light coat to avoid drips.
  • Paint as many coloured coats as you need for desired finish.
  • Choose a paint that has a shorter dry period to get that project done and dusted! 

Finished product using medium-gloss crisp white and existing hardware

Currently adorning my dresser

Styling my finished piece has been the funnest part, currently it is very plain and economical holding holding my jewellery box and perfumes. I like to hang my currently favourite chains on the Eiffel Tower. It is currently holding a longer in length plain collette chain, last season's kookai choker and my favourite HRH Collection ombre necklace. The shabby chic looking white bowl is from bed bath 'n' table I like to display my current favourite bracelets in here. 

The dresser is most definitely still a work in progress, I am currently on the hunt for a mirror, piece of art or some beautiful frames to place up on the wall above. I would love to hear some of your painting tips, please leave them down below also with some suggestions of what I should add to this wall to glam it up! 

Until next time.. 

Jacqueline xx 

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  1. oh dear! i remember having my wisdom teeth removed!! definitely not fun!! hope you're feeling well!