Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What's in my make up bag!

I use this totally cute bright make up bag on a daily basis to hold all of my essential goodies. I am yet to find a smaller one with a chic print for my handbag however find that I don't necessarily do too many touch ups throughout the day apart from my lipstick. I find the bag itself to be a perfect size for my daily products and comes in handy if I'm on the run (generally 99.9% of the time!) 
Here is what it holds <3 

To prime and for even skin tone: Estée Lauder idealist even skin tone illuminator - I have only just started using this product so don't feel I can give a really good review on it however can say that it's a beautiful and light feeling cream that allows your skin to breathe, really useful for my skin type as I have acne prone skin with hyper-pigmentation.

Daily foundation: Estée Lauder double wear liquid foundation in 2N1 desert beige and the double wear pressed powder in 2N2 fresco - I have raved about these products time & time again so will save my breath the time around :)

Bronzing powder: Clarins pressed bronzing powder in copper sun - I got this product on sale at my local chemist and actually really love it! I find it a really good colour for contouring as it doesn't have that pretty, sparkly component to it. 

The eyes: To get the classic winged eyeliner I use Napoleon perdis Neo noir Liquid eyeliner in black and love it, I find it really easy to apply and is a really good quality product. If you follow my instagram page you will know that in my recent haul I purchased a new eyeliner to try, It is still a liquid liner however is by Chanel so will give a proper review on that in the coming weeks.  I generally use fascinating eye kohl in white by Mac on my bottom lid to brighten my eyes and make them appear bigger. I like to alternate eye shadow colors currently I am using shady lady eye shadow by sports girl in neutral browns/golden colors I really like this product especially if you're on a budget. To finish this look I use an eyelash curler and finish with maybelline the falsies volume express mascara in black. I have been using this mascara for a long while and tried others however keep coming back to this baby!

Eyebrows: Napoleon perdis kohl eyeliner in brown I apply this with an angled brush and use this as I like the colour against my hair and complexion. 

Pro tip: I use Napoleon perdis brush cleaner to clean my brushes when I'm on the go when i don't have time to shampoo them, this helps with break outs and keeps your brushes hair in tact and also helping the application of your makeup products. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post if you have any recommendations on products/brushes etc i would love for you to leave them for me in the comments box below and If not what are your favorite beauty products of the year?

- Jacqueline xx

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eating Out

Restaurant Review


Today I lunched at the magnificent Chill on Tedder Avenue, treating myself to the most delicious lunch by head chef Daran Glasgow. The small Restaurant in walking distance to the beautiful beach in Main Beach on the Gold Coast Australia is really a relaxing, chic atmosphere, the dining area is decked out in minimal decor with beautiful French looking windows. 
This little treasure has been featured in the 2012 Food Guide and really is worth checking out if you're in the area, being awarded One Chefs hat. 
Anyway, lets get into the good stuff here is what I chowed down on! 

Entree: Seared Queensland Scallops with angel hair pasta, smoked yarra tomato beurre blanc and smoked tomato salsa

Main: White Pyrenees Rump Lamb - Sous-vide lamb shoulder encrusted with pistachio, creamy garlic mash, wilted english spinach oven-roasted truss tomatoes with pan juices 

Desert: Deconstructed Banoffee Pie

If someone asked what my favourite dish was I honestly don't think I could tell you, I loved them all Sooo much! I enjoy treating myself and eating out every now and then and will definitely be coming back here again. 
If you are on a budget Chill is rather reasonably priced also!! 

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the box below, I hope you all enjoyed this post!! 

Love, Jacqueline xx 


Saturday, December 8, 2012

A New Year, A New You!

2013 Is fast approaching!! Returning to Uni and traveling is on my list of BIG things to do next year.

Whilst raiding Forever New I came across this amazing planner.
I enjoy to be organized in all aspects of my life and what better way to organize the chaos of life with this totally cute piece of 'stationary'. I'm not going to lie; It did cost quite a bit more then I intended to spend however I just could not leave the store without it! The diary retails at $40 AUS but in my eyes is completely worth it. 


Totally cute right?! I am really excited to start planning my European travels and a new year. 
What are your big plans for the new year? And have you traveled Europe? If so please leave a comment below on some of the highlights of your trip and any recommended places to see and things to do. I would love to hear!! 

- Jacqueline xx

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Holidays!

So for once I am finally prepared for the Holidays!! I have gotten a head start on my gift shopping and my favorite part.. wrapping all of the gifts. I adore walking through the shopping centers listening to all of the Christmas carols and browsing through the beautifully merchandised displays. The Chanel counters are by far my favorite. I have pictured one of the stunning snow globes above. 

I am lucky enough to get two weeks off work over Christmas this year, I am always one to work through the holidays and this will be my first year I will get to relax and spend some quality time with my Boyfriend and Family. 

I want to know what is on your wish list this year!! 

Happy holidays and I hope you're all prepared for a wonderful month.

- Jacqueline xx 

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Weekend at the Beach House

This weekend was spent down at the Beach House in Tugun (Southern Gold Coast) Australia for a friend's engagement party. The party was on Saturday night and was beautiful with the entire court yard lit up with garden lights, black and white bar tables, wait staff serving delicious hors d'oeuvres, a dance floor with the perfect back drop of the beach just mere metres away.

I wore a deep purple kookai skirt with a cream embellished peplum top from Myer teamed with a pair of black wedges. I wanted to share with you all the makeup that I used as I got many compliments on the colours.

I did get a spray tan, however still used my normal foundation; estee lauder Double wear - Colour 2N1 Desert Beige 12 with a powder veil of the Double wear 2N2 Fresco 01 and bronzed my face with Clarins bronzing powder in 30 Copper Sun. 

THE EYES: I did a smokey eye using MAC shadows using Knight Divine on the outside of my lid and Fineshine on the inside of my eyelid
- I loved the colours of these as they complimented my deep purple Kookai skirt. 
I used my favourite Napoleon Perdis liquid eyeliner "Niko" styled pen to create a winged eye liner looked, teamed with some lashes. 

THE LIPS: My lips were donned with a MAC lipstick in Cremesheen Creme Cup. 
- My boyfriend actually picked this colour out for me and it looks completely different on compared to on the actual stick itself, It's honestly my new favourite perfect for work and also a night out. 

This was a rather simple look yet I got so many compliments on it!! 

I shall love you and leave you all with a beautiful image from the beach house Sunday Morning while I was sipping on a coffee out on the sun chair. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too. 

- Jacqueline xx 


Monday, November 26, 2012

Fine Dining

This weekend was mine and my boyfriend's 1 year Anniversary. Our time together has seemed to fly by sooo quickly and I am so grateful for him daily. 
We started off our morning chowing down some eggs benny (my all time favourite brekky) at a small cafe in Manly just out of Brisbane City and walking the flea markets. 

He surprised me by taking me to Saks at Marina Mirage for dinner. 
 Find the website here to browse the menu 

The food was really great considering the price, I had the Pork Cutlet and we enjoyed watching the sunset over the boats sipping on cocktails (completely delish btw)
Here are some photos of our evening

I wore a simple kookai top and cameo skirt with a pair of black flats. 

Much Love 

- Jacqueline xx 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cocktails & Red Lips

TGIF - Friday night was spent sipping vodka sodas and cocktails with a group of girlfriends at the chick' est lounge bar on the Gold Coast, Stingray. 
Here is what I wore 

 The skirt (which I have shown you all before) is a beautiful little once off which came in two colours, fortunately for me I own both of those.
The shoes are plain black wedges by Betts which are honestly the most comfortable I own despite the height! I know you can't buy these in stores any longer. 
The Cuff Is from Diva. 
The Bodysuit Is by Shakuhachi and as pictured below also comes in black.

On my face! 

I wore my normal Estee Lauder liquid Double Wear with a powder veil, peachy blush with a natural looking eye shadow combo and winged liner, I also wore eye lashes and I use the Manicare brand which are a really good affordable lash.
I sported a bold lip: Napoleon Perdis Devine goddess range in Calypso which I find brings out a pink tone also. 

Tip: Before I go out I always apply a coat of Sugar Baby, this is a good quick fix if you haven't had time to get a tan before heading out on the town and you want a nice glow. 

I love doing 'what I wore' posts, I hope you love them too.
 Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions and don't forget to subscribe. 

- Jacqueline xx

Thursday, November 15, 2012


OOTD Thursday! 



I wanted to share with you all my outfit of the day,  I  didn't do anything too out of the norm today; It was just a normal Thursday at the office. I do work in a corporate office but like to change up my style and outfits quite alot. 

Today I wore a black cape Lollita top which is longer at the back with cool cut out parts that aren't too revealing but show enough to be flattering over the shoulder and back region, with a beautiful Mika and Gala knitted skirt (a very different piece for my wardrobe) styled with some dark black stockings to help fight the cold air conditioning and a pair of plain black flats I picked up from Target, which may I add are much more comfortable to walk around the office in rather then heels!  

I wore one of my favorite gold chains from Collete, I really like the length of this piece and it has proven not to wear like other chains I have purchased, and I do really recommend adding a few of these to your selection if you don't have the funds to get the more up market chains. 
Some little scull earrings and my normal Pandora bracelet & Guess watch in Gold. 

The main Attraction being my gorgeous Nine West handbag. I have had this handbag for a little over a year now and yes It does have a little bit of wear and tear but I really cannot let it go just yet. I love the dynamics of the colours, the amount of zipper pockets without making it look too over done and also the shoulder strap option and the smaller handled option. 
For those of you that have had the honour of owning a handbag with a shoulder strap really will know what I'm talking about when I say Luxury

I hope you all like what I wore today, If you have any questions about the pieces I am wearing please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will answer your questions as best I can. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

Much Love

- Jacqueline xx

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Isn't Too Far Away!

Along with my Christmas gift and wish list comes a little Christmas decor - Unfortunately these holidays I don't have the room and it seems the Decor for my little home this year. Arguably I am very, very sad about this due to the nature of the Holiday spirit!! 

It seems that I am just going to have to drool over my last year's tree and all of my favorite blogger's decor... Yes ... Everyone elses but my own... Very upsetting really!

Needless to say here are some images of my Holidays last year, including the one and only Chanel Christmas tree that I loved hand making oh so much.

My sister's little girl Mo Mo (maltese) & My hansom little man Bear (pomeranian) 
On Christmas Day!

- What have you all got planned for your Christmas Holidays this year? 
Much love 

- Jacqueline xx


Sunday, November 11, 2012


A little bit of blazer love! 

Hello ladies, I'm not going to lie I do have quite a wide selection of blazers that I have acquired over quite a period of time. I find that the perfect blazer can add so much diversity to an outfit and if you have the right one can be paired with almost any piece in your closet. 
The piece I'm going to share with you today came to me by sheer luck while I was on the eBay hunt for the most beautiful gold Bardot blazer that was and still is sold out in stores and unfortunately I have still not managed to get my hands on!! 
Anyway more to the point here as some snaps for you all to dribble over on your Sunday evening. 

The 'by accident' Mink Pink blazer, styled with a one of a kind (comes in both colours and I own both) skirt from a little boutique, plain black scooped back leotard, Novo boots and cross chains I snapped up from Dissh. 

Sorry for the quality of the second image, It was taken on a girls night via Iphone and Isn't very clear.

Annddddd the beautiful Bardot number - I have added the second image I came across online so you could all see how the Jacket sits whilst on. 

I hope you have all enjoyed this little piece, I do have quite a few blazers on my wish list currently however due to the season, cannot justify a blazer haul just yet. 

Please leave a comment underneath and If you enjoy my posts don't forget to subscribe!

- Jacqueline xx

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Music to My Ears & So On and So Forth

Music To My Ears & So On and So Forth


Hey Bloggers!! I thought I would do a quick update for you all while I have a spare minute!
Lately I have been working a lot among other things, From Halloween onwards it always seems like the busiest time of year for me and with Holidays and being social comes eating and drinking alot - I must admit I have still been eating really well lately in preparation for the Holidays so I can sit back and relax as I prefer a more 80 - 20 approach to my diet and lifestyle.
I am trying to change my diet up and have cut out all processed and high GI sugars, After the first four days the head aches seemed to have left me alone and I am now notices some changes in my body. 
Who of you is cutting the sugar with me? I would love to hear your journey so far also! 

My favorite part of the day is when I get some 'me' time at the gym. 
Here is what is currently on my playlist - This band is a sure gem! 

Also I am now on Pinterest!! Follow me :)

I'm sorry for the short post but I will drop in again in a day or so!! 

Much Love, 

-Jacqueline xx

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Perfect Spring to Summer Piece

A perfect Spring to Summer Piece 


I wanted to share with you all my current most loved purchase! I have been wanting to purchase this piece for the past... I don't know how long.. Forever! And finally It came on sale and ended up being a total steal, I believe it was from the first collection and I managed to save quite a lot of money on it. 
Okay... so here it is!! 
The Estelle 

This gorgeous piece is Australian designed and made by White Sands Swimwear, it is the most luxurious swimmer material I have ever had the liberty of getting my hands on. 

Not only did i buy this piece to laze around on the beach in I think it will double great coming into Summer Festival Season. 

I have styled this particular piece with my favorite pair of Mink Pink high wasted shorts 

Some pieces of my own pictured here. 

I really love making my own designs, wearing them and seeing them on other people, for Summer nights and Festival Shenanigans I have been known to be someone who layers these cute pieces however as the Estelle Swim piece has the detailed belt attached I think this outfit is in need of only some extra small details. 

You will be more then likely seeing me In this styled number as we are fast approaching some of my favorite Summer Festivals! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I am so happy I have finally been able to introduce you all to some of my own designs. 

Lots of Love,

- Jacqueline xx

Monday, October 29, 2012

Currently Baking and Reading

Currently Baking & Reading 


My weekend passed me by quite quickly, It was spent doing the things I enjoy however don't always get time to do.
On what I would call a not-so-lazy Saturday I spent my time baking a deliciously healthy treat (I have posted the recipe for you all below) and reading a novel among other things. 

Yummy Banana Bread!

Ingredients: 1 1/2 Cups of Almond Meal 
Three Bananas 
Two eggs
1/2 Cup of Shredded Coconut 
One Tablespoon of Natural Peanut Butter
One Tablespoon of LSA Mix 
1/2 Teaspoon of Vanilla Essence

Step One: Mash Bananas 

Step Two: Add all Ingredients into a mixing bowl 

Step Three: Add vanilla into mixture, I used Organic Vanilla Bean extract which I believe gives a better taste and is better for you then the normal Vanilla Essence, I used the one pictured below which can be found in the Cakes/Baking section of the supermarket

Step Four: Beat Mixture until a smooth consistency 

Step Five: Bake for approximately Twenty Minutes, I garnished the top of my loaf with almond slithers and baked until brown, due to the nature of how this loaf is baked it doesn't quite lift of the edges of the baking tray however slides out well if you grease the tray thorougly. 

Currently Reading: A Jack Reacher Thriller by Lee Child, I have read most of the series now and find each and every book written well and gripping.

 I hope you all enjoyed this post and I look forward to sharing my next post with you all!!

- Jacqueline


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Current Cosmetics Obsessions



I need to share with you all my current fab finds! Unfortunately I have not always had the best of skin, over the past few years I have continued to focus on the finished product once I had put my make up on but always used the most expensive products on my face and skin and my breakouts continued to get worse and worse.
I have never been too blessed with my complexion in being that I have sensitive skin so did some research and decided to try out a new foundation teamed with a new cleansing process morning and night. 

Over the weekend I stopped by David Jones and picked up my first Kora Organics three step combo. After much umming and aahing I picked out Miranda's recommended pack for oily skin

(pictured below)

The products pictured are the foaming cleanser, energizing citrus mist and the purifying day and night cream

- This has honestly been the BEST money I have ever spent on face products! 
Within two days my skin started to clear noticeably I am now Four days into using these products and would recommend them to anyone, I also love the fact that they are organic certified and am an avid believer in my organic foods so figure if i don't want to put crap food into my body, why would I want to put crappy processed products into my skin?! 
The price of the products is a little on the more expensive side however I would not put a price on the confidence the products have given me now I am beginning to feel better in my own skin. 

My second favourite product at the moment is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation which was recommended to me by a friend, I really love this makeup purely for the consistency, coverage and how it feels and looks on my skin. 
I find that the base of the product is not orange, yellow or pink and tends to bring out my own pigmentation in my skin which in turn the makeup compliments. 

(I have also pictured this product below) 

This product is in no way organic however I find seems to be alot better for my skin opposed to many other foundations I have previously tried. 
Colour - I purchased 2N1 Desert Beige 12

Please feel free to add some comments in the comment box below in regards to this post if you would like any further information, see anything featured on this blog or simply just want to share your experience with me in regards to these products or if you would recommend any products you think i should try based on this post! 

I look forward to my next post 

- Jacqueline

Monday, October 22, 2012

My First Post!

October Twenty - Second 

My First Post!


I have been contemplating creating a blog for a while now, I must admit I do enjoy reading other people's blogs however wasn't too sure if it really was for me. 
It wasn't until I really came to terms with the fact that I do really enjoy fashion, styling, writing and cosmetics among other things - lets just face it we all love the superficial things in life sometimes so why not share our own obsessions!! 

A little about me - I am a Commerce Student working full time and loved by the most amazing and supportive man I could ever ask for. 
Based out of the Gold Coast, Australia; in my free time I enjoy soaking up the sun with a good book or dreaming about my next adventure.

I shall endeavor for my next post very soon, but for now I will love you and leave you with a little Halloween inspiration 

- Jacqueline