Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dropping A Line In

This week marks the week of many mile stones! Summer has ended here in Australia and with that brings Autumn. On the Gold Coast we have been battling rain for what feels like weeks now so my wardrobe has adapted to a winter like weather. With the seasons changing University has gone back and we are now at the end of the first week of semester, It has been a challenging week adapting my schedule to maintain a balance of work and study, mainly consisting of working, studying, eating and sleeping anddd then repeating. Tonight I am taking some time out to do some things for myself, catching up on the blogging world and relaxing! (Hallelujah). I thought I would post a photo of my totally cute and comfy jumper I got from the Uni book store, to celebrate my first year and my sister's last year of University life. I hope everyone had a good week and I will catch up with you all again soon.

- Jacqueline xx

Friday, February 22, 2013

Obsessed with Organic

Hey beautiful ladies! Now about two weeks ago I posted on my Instagram and Facebook fan page about a product called GlamGirl. I was put onto these products by a fellow blogger and was lucky enough to get to try these products for myself, now I am completely honest with all of my followers and I just want to say that yes, I did receive these products as a gift from the company to try, however I am going to give you a completely honest review on the products and am not being paid in any way by the company for reviewing these products which is why I took so long to review the product as I wanted to really get to use it and become familiar with it. You all know that I really do highly recommend good whole organic products. These particular products are organic and are made in Hong Kong, I was lucky enough to deal with a couple of the girls in the office and just wanted to let you all know how friendly and reliable they are! Despite the time difference they were always on top of my emails and contacting me back in a timely manner not to mention the postage was pretty damn quick!

Along with the tote bag I was given the Funny Bunny organic perfume balm which I will admit I am completely obsessed with! This particular balm is packed full with the sweet scent of lemon grass which I think is a beautiful scent for summer, and I also find it very soothing, calming and refreshing. I also received the Glam balm which is multipurpose, smells like cocoa butter without that preservative smell and I prefer to use just after I have scrubbed my lips with Lush Lip scrub (product by Lush only) leaving my lips feeling smooth and re hydrated. My favorite pick of the bunch would have to be the Funny Bunny organic perfume which has, I must admit become a daily occurrence in my hand bag and is the holy grail for being stuck without a bottle of perfume on you.

The tote bag is a good quality material and is a great size to be able to used for many things. I use mine to store some of my uni stuff in and is (currently) hanging on the back of my bedroom door.
What are some of your favorite organic brands? 

Until next time, 
- Jacqueline xx

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Peek Into a University Students Life

As the year progresses quickly Semester one of University approaches. I am a Contemporary Marketing student in the hopes to specialize in Chinese Business leading an incredibly busy life style. For me to achieve good marks and manage to have some sort of a balanced life style means that organization plays a big part in my day to day life. When it comes to my classes I really want to achieve the BEST possible grades. Here are some of my tips and tricks when it comes to studying and juggling a full time job that help keep me organized. 

It all starts with the shopping list, I have already done my stationary and text book shopping for the year. I like to get in early when It comes to these two things mainly because book shops and the like tend to sell out quickly. Here are my purchases:

Due to working full time and many other things happening in my life at the moment I am only studying part time this semester, however when my euro trip ends I will be returning to reality and studying full time, therefore I decided to purchase all of my essentials for the year and will just need to top up on note books throughout the year as semesters come and go. 

My key stationary piece would be my large pink folder. 

The dividers help to keep things like lecture notes, slides, assessment and exam content separate from each other. I purchased the ones with the plastic tabs to stop wear throughout the year. When my subject is over I plan to remove the content from this folder into a simple plastic sleeved folder to keep paper from being damaged for If I need to reflect back on this work in future subjects and refill the pink folder. On the left hand side is a standard plastic slip to add loose pieces of paper to. I also stick a bunch of larger sized sticky notes to this so I am never stuck for one. 

My pencil case.

 You will notice all of the items in my pencil case are very bright and fun colours, this way I don't get bored of staring at a black, blue and red piece of paper. I also purchased the larger packets of pencils, pens and highlighters so I can stock up throughout the year If I run out, helping to manage my budget a little better. I will run through what pens and pencils I use and for writing on what to make It a little easier for you to understand how I like to study and what works for me. 

The small sticky tabs you see are for marking pages in my text book that I think I will need to go back and read over for exams or assignments. These tabs are the plastic ones to stop from wearing, you don't want to get the paper ones as they bend and get tattered easily. The high lighters are for key words and for highlighting throughout my text book. 2B pencils will be used in exams, I like to write in mainly pencil in case I make a mistake. Blue pens are mainly for weekly quizzes or making changes to drafts, and last but not least my coloured pens are used for weekly note taking in my note books. 

Might I also add that I have an extremely supportive boyfriend who gave me a beautiful Sheaffer pen as a gift for the academic year starting. 

Find them here

Are any of you students also? If so what Is your favourite way to keep organized and what are you studying?  I hope you all enjoyed this post. 

- Jacqueline xx

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Autumn & Winter Look Book

In celebration of our proud Aussie model Miranda Kerr flying home to model David Jones' Autumn and Winter launch I have done a few picks of my own from the collection that I thought I would share with you all. 

C&M Camilla & Marc Sophie Dress RRP $279

Sabatini Drap Cable Knit & Leather Jacket RRP $599

Cameo video games dress RRP $119

Ginger and smart pant RRP $199

Chloe lucy pebble large RRP $3320

To be honest I was hoping to see more peplums, lace, a little more sheer and some leather! This season for me is all about cute chic outfits combining pieces that can be taken with you as seasons start and end. I have also thrown together some back stage photos of the models because lets just admit it, we all find them intriguingly beautiful!

Until next time
 Jacqueline xx 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

Hey lovely ladies, yes It's back again! 
This week our Favorite Pins post is inspired by the ever so loving day we call Valentines Day. Are any of you planning on doing anything special? 

I hope these pins help to inspire you on your day what ever you are doing. 

My look of the day for Valentines Day would definitely be a sweet pastel shift dress with a light pink or red lip with a basic winged liner

What is your take on a V day look? 

- Jacqueline xx