Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Baking Lesson with Yours Truly

Hey pretty girls! 
This past weekend was spent celebrating my amazing boyfriend's birthday. I feel like sometimes our day to day life can get so superficial and materialistic that I wanted to add to his special day by baking him this delish cake! Now let me add that I am not the best baker in the bake house, actually I'm quite terrible. I did use a packet sponge for this cake; not only because i tend to suck at baking from scratch but because i was rather time poor when baking the sponge. You can use whatever sponge you want with this baby and it will taste amaze!


Betty crocker strawberries & cream sponge mix 
Three eggs 
Vegetable Oil 
Three packets of family block kit kat (either milk chocolate or white) 
Two packets of mnm's in whichever flavor you want (I used coconut flavor)
Philadelphia frosting 
 A thick ribbon 


Grease cake tin.
Combine cake mix, eggs and oil together in a bowl blend on high for two minutes and blend on low for a further one minute pour into cake tin and bake for recommended time stopping to check on the sponge with a skewer to ensure it doesn't dry out while in the oven. 
Let sponge cool for around twenty to thirty minutes. 

Take refrigerated Philadelphia frosting and spread evenly over the cake.

Chop kit kat block in half and assemble using two fingers at a time, surround the cake with pieces of the kit kat chocolate.    

And finally! Cover the top with MnM's & wrap the cake up with your beautiful ribbon!  

I was really happy with the way this cake turned out, It was something completely different, fun and I feel that the flavors complimented each other perfectly and gave off a beautiful summery taste! 

What are your favorite cakes? 

Until next time 
- Jacqueline xx


  1. Looks amazing I'm sure it tastes awesome too!

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  2. Don't forget a mum and a sister to eat the leftover kitkat!! hehe Xx