Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thailand Travel Diary #3

Picking up where we left off a dreaming of Asia from Koh Panangh we caught a ferry for about an hour onwards to Koh Tao the most beautiful part of our trip. This island is perfect for diving and snorkeling with beautiful coral nurseries all over the island. 

We lazed around at our front door step and enjoyed wonderful foods.

Snorkelling shark bay, mango bay and many of the other coral nurseries we hopped a boat and swam with black tip sharks and beautiful big sea turtles. The following day Joe and I took a five course Thai cooking class and basked in our delicious foods. 

After our stay in Koh Tao we ventured back over to Koh Samui drank cocktails while the sun went down and enjoyed the street markets before flying home to freezing cold Australia. 

This holiday was perfect and has left us relaxed and rejuvenated coming home to our perfect little love nest.

Jacqueline xxx

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