Friday, April 25, 2014

Ballet Beautiful

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It is no secret that the Victoria Secret Angels' favourite workout is the infamous Ballet Beautiful Barre workout according to their overloaded instagram accounts. Historically ballerinas have such long and lean physiques, these women are just captivatingly beautiful due to their hard work and dedication. 

Xtend Barre uses the techniques of ballet and principles of pilates to create a thorough full body work out. To my surprise a studio was built in my local area, today being open day so I went along to the studio this morning to see what all of the fuss was about, and let's admit in hope to walk out with a body similar to that of below. 

All hail the mighty Lily Aldridge's curves in all of the right places! 

Okay, now that we're all done drooling over the above, I would love to share my experience with you all. I attended the Xtend Barre studio in Miami, previously a wedding gown designers work shop it adorns beautiful big windows for the sun light to filter through, with mirrors and ballet bars fit to the remaining walls. Once all of the ballet terminology was explained we began the class with a 'warm up' and by warm up I mean, in all of my life I have never sweat so much in 10 minutes. 

The class went for an hour, however I had so much it felt like much less! We did a lot of lengthening exercises, turnouts, pliés and work with the ball along the barre, along with planks, push ups, weighted ballet exercises and made use of the pilates band. 

All in all I would highly recommend heading down to your local barre to give it a go! For those of you who don't have a barre in your local area here is a really easy to follow at home barre workout by VS Sport

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