Saturday, April 20, 2013

In The Life Of

Good Morning Beauties! Let me start by saying I am sorry I have been completely M.I.A as of late but I do have A LOT of exciting news to catch you all up on. 
The past couple of weeks have been a complete whirl wind and I am feeling very very blessed. I have moved into a new house with a beautiful exposed brick wall stair case and an upgrade of a closet (which can never be a bad thing) and am in the process of decorating and trying to make it homely, I am very excited to give you all a sneak peak of some decor soon. Along with the move I secured myself a distinction on my first University assignment and landed myself a Marketing Internship with a very well known corporation here in Australia, I am SO excited to get started and learn as much as possible as soon as possible hehe. 
Now that my home and work life have taken off on the road of my dreams I felt I needed a reward and booked myself flights to Paris on the 1st of August where I will be traveling around the city of love and other places for three weeks with my boyfriend Joe. It is safe to say that holiday mode planning is in complete swing at the moment! I have booked the first five nights in a beautiful Parisian Hotel located a fifteen minute walk to the Iconic Eiffel Tower where our days will be filled with delicious pastries, loads of walking, shopping, coffee and fun. I don't want to get into too much detail about my trip at this very moment as I plan to update you in depth with separate posts on my plannings and journeys, however I do want to ask you all if there are any amazing shopping, dining or great sight seeing places that I need to know about?! I also have an 8 hour lay over (ugh) in China and am hoping some of you have done the same trip or live in China and can give me some tips for while I'm there!
You will all hear from me very soon
- Jacqueline xxx


  1. yay congrats on all the new things in your life <3 cant wait to see some homey pics xxx

  2. So many exciting updates in one post - don't know where to begin commenting, ha!

    Congrats on the new house, school work and job!!! Sounds like it's going amazing for you career-wise!

    And you'll have an amazing time in Paris! So many things to see, eat and experience! You gotta go to Laduree and have a couple of their macaroons down Champ de Elysee!

    Whereabouts in China are you having a layover? If you're having a layover in HK, I have tons to tell you!!!!! Otherwise, eat all the Chinese food there you can! Nothing better than authentic Chinese - yay! xx

    1. I know!! Thank you, as I said I am feeling so so blessed with all of these amazing things happening at once :)

      I fully intend to go to Laduree maybe even daily hehe. My lay over is in Guangzhou (I think i spelled that right i'm also practicing my pronunciation lol!) I plan to put myself into a dumpling coma!! xx