Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Lorna Jane Movement

Hey all of you glamorous ladies! Let me start by saying OMG LORNA JANE IS HAVING A SALE! there you go I said it.. and shopped it. I know my Euro savings budget had a momentary lapse however I am a much happier girl after my 'little' splurge. 

Today I want to show you my steals and also prove that Lorna Jane fitness wear can be fun and brought into your everyday wardrobe. I will link all of the items that I can but please remember that these are sale items and go sooo quickly so may not be able to link you to all of my purchases.

Black Headband /Yoga Mat/Adjustable Headband/Hair Ties/Sports Bra/Tights/Starlite Tank/Apricot Tank

The move nourish believe water bottle unfortunately has not been updated on the website however is full priced new stock and you can pick one of these up in your local LJ shop, I love this water bottle as it is one litre therefore I know I need to drink 3 bottles worth to get my daily dose of the good stuff! 

Look One 

This look is a work out look and I wore this outfit to a weights class. The tights and top move freely with your body and give you a comfortable work out. My shoes are Nike free runs and are old stock however all free runs are generally the same style with different prints and colors. 

Look Two 

I styled this tank casually with a pair of Mink Pink high wasted shorts and wore this to uni with a cute pair of flats. I have been SOO bogged down with uni work lately I have been spending my Saturdays at the library to try and get on top of it all and the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while trying to study! I prefer to wear relax outfits so I'm not spending all my time adjusting my clothes haha.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, the sale is online and in your local store until stock runs out so get in quick! If you spend $250 or over you get a gift with purchase, my store was giving out yoga mats which I was SO happy with because I can use it at the gym and at home in many different work out routines.

Until next time

- Jacqueline xx 


  1. fabulous buys!!! we have been pretty good with our savings hehehe

    1. I have been so good. This 'shopping binge' was so naughty! haha Back to being strict with my savings this week xx