Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Current Cosmetics Obsessions



I need to share with you all my current fab finds! Unfortunately I have not always had the best of skin, over the past few years I have continued to focus on the finished product once I had put my make up on but always used the most expensive products on my face and skin and my breakouts continued to get worse and worse.
I have never been too blessed with my complexion in being that I have sensitive skin so did some research and decided to try out a new foundation teamed with a new cleansing process morning and night. 

Over the weekend I stopped by David Jones and picked up my first Kora Organics three step combo. After much umming and aahing I picked out Miranda's recommended pack for oily skin

(pictured below)

The products pictured are the foaming cleanser, energizing citrus mist and the purifying day and night cream

- This has honestly been the BEST money I have ever spent on face products! 
Within two days my skin started to clear noticeably I am now Four days into using these products and would recommend them to anyone, I also love the fact that they are organic certified and am an avid believer in my organic foods so figure if i don't want to put crap food into my body, why would I want to put crappy processed products into my skin?! 
The price of the products is a little on the more expensive side however I would not put a price on the confidence the products have given me now I am beginning to feel better in my own skin. 

My second favourite product at the moment is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation which was recommended to me by a friend, I really love this makeup purely for the consistency, coverage and how it feels and looks on my skin. 
I find that the base of the product is not orange, yellow or pink and tends to bring out my own pigmentation in my skin which in turn the makeup compliments. 

(I have also pictured this product below) 

This product is in no way organic however I find seems to be alot better for my skin opposed to many other foundations I have previously tried. 
Colour - I purchased 2N1 Desert Beige 12

Please feel free to add some comments in the comment box below in regards to this post if you would like any further information, see anything featured on this blog or simply just want to share your experience with me in regards to these products or if you would recommend any products you think i should try based on this post! 

I look forward to my next post 

- Jacqueline

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