Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Isn't Too Far Away!

Along with my Christmas gift and wish list comes a little Christmas decor - Unfortunately these holidays I don't have the room and it seems the Decor for my little home this year. Arguably I am very, very sad about this due to the nature of the Holiday spirit!! 

It seems that I am just going to have to drool over my last year's tree and all of my favorite blogger's decor... Yes ... Everyone elses but my own... Very upsetting really!

Needless to say here are some images of my Holidays last year, including the one and only Chanel Christmas tree that I loved hand making oh so much.

My sister's little girl Mo Mo (maltese) & My hansom little man Bear (pomeranian) 
On Christmas Day!

- What have you all got planned for your Christmas Holidays this year? 
Much love 

- Jacqueline xx



  1. Oh that Chanel christmas tree is absolutely adorable!! xx

    1. Oh thanks, I really wanted another one this year but black and silver glitter Chanel pieces but honestly don't have the room :( lol maybe next year!!

      Jacqueline xx

  2. Your dogs are adorable!

    Have a great weekend.


  3. i remember the Chanel tree it was awesome!