Sunday, November 11, 2012


A little bit of blazer love! 

Hello ladies, I'm not going to lie I do have quite a wide selection of blazers that I have acquired over quite a period of time. I find that the perfect blazer can add so much diversity to an outfit and if you have the right one can be paired with almost any piece in your closet. 
The piece I'm going to share with you today came to me by sheer luck while I was on the eBay hunt for the most beautiful gold Bardot blazer that was and still is sold out in stores and unfortunately I have still not managed to get my hands on!! 
Anyway more to the point here as some snaps for you all to dribble over on your Sunday evening. 

The 'by accident' Mink Pink blazer, styled with a one of a kind (comes in both colours and I own both) skirt from a little boutique, plain black scooped back leotard, Novo boots and cross chains I snapped up from Dissh. 

Sorry for the quality of the second image, It was taken on a girls night via Iphone and Isn't very clear.

Annddddd the beautiful Bardot number - I have added the second image I came across online so you could all see how the Jacket sits whilst on. 

I hope you have all enjoyed this little piece, I do have quite a few blazers on my wish list currently however due to the season, cannot justify a blazer haul just yet. 

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- Jacqueline xx